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IJCTO too k its birth at the 3rd LIVE CACTO Summit July, 2012 held at Hyderabad, India.

CTO is regarded as the most challenging lesion subset of PCI. The benefits of successfully recanalizing chronic total occlusions (CTOs) has been maintained for long time.

Though we do not have a firm statistics, it is believed that not more than 10% -20% of interventional cardiologists across India and sub-continent perform CTO angioplasties in routine practice with high success rate. Leading CTO operators from Japan have agreed to be a part of our club, and with their help we believe that every interventional cardiologist in India should become an expert in recanalizing CTOs, learn advance techniques, so that the success rates should become greater than 90% in their practice.

Bringing together masters in the field of CTO from Japan, the IJCTO club live case summit course will be held from the heart of Mumbai city. The sessions will emphasize both basics and advanced techniques, with a heavy reliance on live case transmissions featuring worlds leading experts form Japan in CTO. Topics to be covered include:

  • Fundamentals of CTO PCI
  • Complex retrograde and Antegrade CTO PCI
  • Complication prevention and management
  • How to improve Outcomes today.
  • What should beginners do to start a CTO program
  • 2012 and 2013 Essential CTO update
  • 7-8 Live Case Transmissions—start to finish 
  • Edited Taped Case presentations

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CME Accreditation:
  Since this will be a pure academic and scientific meeting , the MMC under MCI will give CME accreditation (the process of application for CME accreditation has started). However the physicians can claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Learning Objectives:   By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the pathobiological and clinical considerations associated with successful recanlization of CTOs
  • Explain how advances in operator technique, guidewire technology, and new devices have improved success rates of CTOs
  • Describe advanced guidewire techniques and other adjunctive devices including the retrograde technique for CTO.
  • Integrade the latest recommendations for how to use new CTO devices including new guidewires to optimize procedural success and minimizing complications
  • Identify clinical considerations associated with selecting CTO lesions for PCi vs surgery
  • Discuss safety aspects for both the physician and patients

Target Audience:  
     This program will be designed not only for interventional cardiologists who are doing CTO interventions on routine basis but also for operator who do CTO interventions very infrequently and for DM/DNB student and interventional cardiologists who want to learn CTO recanalization in their practice.  
Activity Evaluation:
   Online evaluation will address content, presentation, possible bias, and future educational needs. Also a prospective registry will be started on line to collect basic data on CTO from various participants so that we can evaluate ourselves after one year.

Disclosure Statement: 
It is the policy of the founder members of The IJCTO club to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all sponsored educational activities. Commercial support from industry will not influence educational content, faculty selection, and /or faculty presentation, and therefore, does not compromise the scientific integrity on the educational activity.

Faculty participation are required to disclose to the active audience any real or apparent conflicts of interest related to thee content of their presentation. 


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